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The Flood
Fort Keogh
Greasy Grass
Big Hole Battlefield
1909 Camp Group: Peter Thompson, Mrs. Knaipe,
Daniel Knipe, Curley,courtesy of the LBH Battlefield Nat. Monument.
SPURS on Peter at the LBH Museum
SPURS and Guidon at the LBH Museum
Snowfall Winter 2008
William Morris Map
Frosty Rastus
Thompson Ranch
Little Big Horn Re-enactment 2009
Thompson's view of MTC 6
Thompson's view of MTC 9
Colt 45
Fort Buford Barracks &Gerry'sTent
Fort Buford where Sitting Bull surrendered
Loren the Smith
William George's Marker
William George's prairie
William George on the Yellowstone
WWI Cavelry
B-1 Bomber Thompson Ranch
The Finger Butte overlooking
Thompson Ranch, Alzada, MT
The Finger Butte
Camp/Martin Map
Marsh and Far West
Private Thomas Meador
Thompson's "S" view
Reno Hill Marker
Ft Lincoln and Gerry
Thommpson Ford Gravel Bottom
Lead, SD
Warren A. Van Ess
Thompson Christmas Card
Thompson's View of Reno Charge
Montana Round Table Snowfall 2011
Geological Society Meeting
Geological Society Presents Gerry
Doug Ellison: Sole Survivor/Frank Finkle
Sgt Knipe and Ree Ponies
Thompson's MOH in case
Thompson's Expiration of Term of Enlistment
Sgt Donevan Ride To Bluffs
Sgt Donevan & Lt Wallace Killing of Dr. Dewolf
W.W.Cooke's Remington
W.W. Cooke's Knife
W.W Cooke's possessions
W.W.Cooke's Smith&Wesson
W.W.Cooke's Smith&Wesson
1872 Cav Uniform
Ft Custer Rifle range
Ralston, J K
"After The Battle"
Camp at the LBH 2013
Scout Sellow Confirmation
Deliverance from the Little Big Horn
Custer Buff
Thompson's sighting of the General