Garryowen Unknown Soldier Laying of the wreath, Pvt. Peter Thompson
Present Sabers 7th
Tent setup at the Real Bird Grandstands
Speaking to the Visitors
Props and layout
Living Historian talking to the public
View of my tent from across the Little Big Horn River
Medicine Tail Coulee over there
Mystic Horse
Lt Col. Custer, Steve Alexander
Speaking to the public about the Cavalry and Custer's movement from Ft.A Linclon to the last stand.
7th Cav
Ft.Laramie treaty 1865
Red Cloud, "I prefer to die fighting rather than by starvation"
Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Gall
Battle of the Little Big Horn, or Greasy Grass
"They kept in order and fought like brave warriors as long as they had a man left.", Crow King.  Pte-San-Waste-Win said,"When we came to the hill there were no soldiers living and Long Hair lay dead among the rest."
Column of twos, present the colors